Staycation Ideas in Bayfield, Wisconsin

You don’t need to go far to get away and recharge—certainly not if you live in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Instead of exhausting your budgetto sneak in a holiday this year, why not deviate from your ...

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Bayfield, WI as a thriving artist community

Lake Superior’s South Shore area may be better known as the gateway for sightseeing and exploring natural wonders, but one of the most pleasant surprises that the region holds is that it is also a lively hub for arts and crafts.

It mak...

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Old vs. new: What kind of home is right for you?

Having a hard time choosing between an old house and a new construction? Allow us to break down the pros and cons for you.

Buying an old home

PRO: Location

Older homes and communities are usually closer to the center of town. Yo...

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10 Reasons You Should Visit Madeline Island, WI

Just a 20-minute ferry ride east of Bayfield, Madeline Island is an exceptional outdoor destination that should top your Wisconsin travel list. Here's why:

It's the shiniest gem among the 22 Apostle Islands

I Madeline Island is the...

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How Reliable Are Sites Like Trulia and Zillow?

Nationwide real estate sites have become increasingly common in recent years. Many buyers and sellers flock to these generic sites to search for property or get an estimate on how much their house is worth. While these sites can be helpful ...

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The Best Places for Staycation in Bayfield, WI

The picturesque lakeshore surroundings of Bayfield, Wisccynsin are the ideal setting for a cozy staycation. You don't have to go far to find a good place to bond with the family or to recharge over the weekend.

Old Rittenhonse Inn

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Hiking Trails of Bayfield, WI

Bayfield has over 40 hiking trails — offering you numerous opportunities to reconnect with nature as you discover the sights and sounds of the county's scenic trails.

North Country National Scenic Trail

A portion of this 4,60...

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