What Makes Bayfield a Great Place to Call Home

For most people, Bayfield serves as a great starting point to a myriad of adventures. After all, this place is called the gateway to the Apostle Islands. Some people, however, like to take their time in Bayfield, lingering just enough to ma...

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The 5 Biggest Real Estate Trends of 2017

New technology, real estate developments, the millennial generation, and the United States' new president -- what are the factors and trends that will shape the real estate industry this 2017? Let's find out. Here are the five biggest real ...

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Fantastic Bayfield Events for 2017

It is a widely accepted fact that Bayfield is home to some of the best festivities in Wisconsin. No matter the season or the weather, the following events attract hundreds to tens of thousands of tourists from all over the state and beyond....

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