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Located in Bayfield County just south of the peninsula, the village of Mason is home to some 100 residents. A drive through the countryside around Mason brings visitors through scenic farm fields and low rolling hills of sugar maple, paper birch, and white spruce along the winding White River.

The scenic White River is a naturalist and trout fishers paradise, home to rare plants and birds supported by the unique watershed and protected in the White River Breaks and White River Boreal Forest natural areas. Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves discovering hidden lady slippers, spotting a rare Cape May warbler, or pulling a brown trout out of a deep pool.

The natural surroundings and availability of land for sale in the area make Mason real estate ideal for building your dream cabin or becoming a permanent resident of this peaceful northern Wisconsin community.

A Brief History of Mason, WI

Mason was established by the White River Lumber Company as a company town in 1883. At the time, the lumber company mill located on the south bank of the White River was noted to be the largest sawmill east of the Mississippi river.

The mill closed in 1913 and, soon after, Mason became a local agricultural center. Today, Mason largely remains an agricultural community and is known to be the smallest incorporated Village in Wisconsin.

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Living in Mason, WI

Mason is a community known for its rolling farmland, beautiful forest, and laid-back way of life. If you’re looking for your own wooded retreat or starting a hobby farm in northern Wisconsin, you just might find Mason to be the perfect home.


Residents of Mason enjoy a continental climate with mild summers and snowy winters. During the summer months, temperatures range in the 70s with plenty of sunshine and occasional rain showers.

Winter brings plenty of snow and temps hovering around 20°F, creating a winter wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts.


Mason’s cost of living is lower than the national average. Sperling’s Best Places records it as being 17.4% below the national average, which is remarkable considering the prime real estate opportunities available to home buyers.


Mason's economy is largely driven by agriculture, trades, and businesses serving the local tourism industry.

Residents also commute to the city of Ashland to work in small businesses, social services, education, and health care.


Many families choose to live in Mason for the opportunity to learn hands-on skills related to farming, maple syrup production, forestry, and homesteading.

Most students living in the Mason area attend schools in the Drummond Area School District located 10 miles from Mason.


The Mason area attracts outdoor enthusiasts due to its diverse terrain and wide range of activities such as paddling, fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and more.

The scenic White River, which winds its way through the Mason area, is a naturalist and trout fishers paradise, home to rare plants and birds supported by the unique watershed of the White River Breaks and White River Boreal Forest natural areas.

With Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands National Shoreline is only a short drive away, residents here also enjoy sea kayaking, sailing, boating, beach-going, and other activities out on the Big Lake.


Morgan Falls - Located in the Penokee Range, Morgan Creek cascades 70 feet into a small shaded pool to create Morgan Falls. Available from the same trailhead, the hike to St. Peter’s Dome brings you to the highest point in the Chequamegon National Forest.

Delta Diner - The Delta Diner is a well-known destination for locals and tourists alike famous for its great food, 40’s decor, and natural surroundings within the Chequamegon National Forest. The latest addition to this culinary oasis, the TapShack, features authentic Jamaican Jerk and local Wisconsin beers.

Benoit Cheese Haus - No community in Northern Wisconsin is complete without its local cheese shop, but the Benoit Cheese Haus is a true staple of the Wisconsin cheese tradition. Just a few minutes from Mason, the shop is known for its 150 varieties supporting over 30 local cheesemakers.

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Mason, WI Real Estate

If you’re looking to spend your time outdoors in the Northwoods, the Mason community in northern Wisconsin offers the perfect natural setting.

From rolling farmlands to lush maple woods, homes in the area offer a picturesque and serene backdrop for your family home, hobby farm, or vacation getaway.

Those looking for homes in the Mason area will find single-family houses, luxury vacation homes, or traditional farm houses on plenty of acreages. With vacant lots and land for sale, you can also find the perfect property to build your dream home or vacation getaway.

Mason’s mix of natural beauty, agricultural opportunities, and affordable prices in the housing market give families and individuals lots of options to buy homes or land for sale that will appreciate for years to come.

Find the Best and Latest Houses for Sale in Mason, WI

The Windseeker team is proud to call this area home and be your local guide to a sought-after real estate near Mason, WI. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for a second home or rental property, we are here to help you fulfill your real estate needs—big or small.

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